The original Assegaaibosch Hotel was built in 1866. It was a popular pit stop for weary Voortrekkers in need of rest, regrouping, and a good quaffing session to see them on their way again.


Intriguing tales about the colourful characters who once lifted a glass at the hotel have been retold though the years and are yours to discover when you visit.

In fact, legend has it that the cosy pub at the Assegaaibosch Hotel was a favourite with General Jan Smuts himself.

In 1971 the hotel burned to the ground, leaving only two structures standing: the sturdy old pub and, ironically, the building that now serves as the stone chapel.

The hotel was rebuilt some years later, but it was only restored to its full potential when

Anton Gerber purchased it in 2004. Anton has lovingly refurbished the charming old Assegaaibosch Hotel, adding space and style to its former glory, and creating an oasis where history meets luxury and comfort.

Sparing no expense or trouble, he handpicked all of the special items decorating the lodge. His care and passion for this incredible place is reflected in every room.

Thus the Assegaaibosch Country Lodge was born…


Assegaaibosch Lodge is still growing in style and comfort as the owner adds on more and more facilities and attention is continually given to the smaller detail to turn this establishment into a landmark in the Eastern Cape.

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